Funding concept: Hallway sponsorship

What exactly is a hallway sponsor?

Cultural institutions receive funding and sponsorship money for creative, innovative and high-visibility projects. More projects means more funding – however, this also means higher administrative costs. Unfortunately, the race to secure third-party funding is becoming ever more intense. After all, the artists and the art community as a whole can hardly be expected to meet all the costs associated with basic rent, utilities or staff, meaning that the necessary resources are often lacking.

Which is why we came up with the idea of a whiteBOX sponsorship model based on our hallways. By sponsoring a square metre of our hallway, you can symbolically support the overall running expenses at whiteBOX, allowing you to make a valuable contribution to the success of all our projects.

What to expect as a hallway sponsor

As a hallway sponsor, you will receive a personal invitation to all our events and exhibitions. Not only that, but you can also attend exclusive previews, special guided tours and face-to-face meetings with artists. And we also organise a big annual Hallway Party for all our sponsors.
Needless to say, we will also issue you with a donation receipt for your contribution to the running expenses of whiteBOX.

How to become a hallway sponsor

Sponsoring a whole square metre of whiteBOX costs just €8. Simply fill out the application form (PDF) , including your bank details and the number of square metres you wish to sponsor, and return it to us, or drop it off personally at the offices of whiteBOX Kultur gGmbH. We will then deduct either the entire amount in one go – or a monthly instalment – from your account.

When does my sponsorship end?

A sponsorship will be completed for one year and will be extended automatically, unless terminated with a 4-week notice period at the end of the promotion period. Your promotion period begins on the date of your declaration of accession. Naturally, we will inform you about the upcoming extension in time before the start of the new funding period.

Can I also donate one-off amounts to the whiteBOX?

Of course, we also accept one-off donations. We will also issue you with a donation certificate. Please use the text "Spende whiteBOX" as your intended use and state your full address.

Our bank account is:
Account owner: whitebox Kultur gGmbH
UniCredit Bank AG München
IBAN: DE66 7002 0270 0015 7113 04


Contact person hallway sponsorship:
Valerie Erben
Tel: 089 215 446 22 0

Contact person for business partnerships and sponsoring:
Sybille Muhr

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