Postcard Edition from the whiteBOX artists

To commemorate the 'Open Studios' weekend held in November 2016, the whiteBOX artists have teamed up to publish a premium-quality Postcard Edition in DIN A5 format.
Containing one work from each of our artists, the cards come in an attractive box.
The Postcard Edition can be ordered per email or purchased directly at the offices of whitebox Kultur gGmbH.
It includes 24 cards and costs €12 (plus postage).

Angela Stauber

Facebook-Porträt von Angela Stauber

Beatrice Apel
Elke Härtel
Fiona Struengmann
Gregor Passens
Johannes Wendeünstler/johannes-wende
Kristin Brunner

Facebook-Porträt von Kristin Brunner

Margarete Hentze

Martin Rosenthal
Matias Becker
Matthias Fuchs
Natascha Küderli
Patricia Wich
Robert Weissenbacher

Facebook-Porträt von Robert Weissenbacher

Saskia Groneberg
Silke Witzsch

01. August 1967 - 23. Mai 2017

Facebook-Porträt von Silke Witzsch

Sinan von Stietencron
Stephanie Maier
Ugo Dossi
Youjin Yi

Facebook-Porträt von Youjin Yi

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